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For more than a decade Water2Energy Ltd works in Tidal and Ocean Renewable Energy (ORE).

W2E designs and builds water turbines. Proven technology for locks, docks and dams or open water. Robust, efficient and fish friendly. Our team builds on years of experience in tidal energy and offshore engineering. We develop a range of turbines which produce energy at a cost level competitive to solar or wind energy but more reliable and predictable! W2E for reliable and sustainable energy solutions!

Scalable solution
Environmentally friendly
Cost effective

“In 2017, the construction of a water-turbine was ordered to De Meyer (Belgium) and Water2Energy (Netherlands) after a public tender procedure. By using 3D design, Virtual Reality, Computised Fluid Dynamics and all the knowledge of earlier studies on water-flow in the existing culverts and the behavior on the water household at the harbour, a prototype was developed, constructed and installed in December 2018”

Matthias Lootens, Technical manager. Portofantwerp



100 kW VAWT for Vlissingen

Currently under construction is our high performance VAWT-turbine with optimized blade pitch control.The design, construction and installation are possible due to support of Interreg, Province

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Our Vertical Water Axis Turbines are proven, scalable solutions that enable energy extraction from water currents at lower speeds. W2E turbines are developed for maximum efficiency and a high fish friendliness.

Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy


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