Vertical Water Axis Turbine


Vertical Axis Water Turbines (VAWT) are turbines with a vertical shaft. Foils connected to the vertical shaft makes this typical water turbine. The standard version is called a Darrieus turbine. Pitch control is developed for maximum efficiency and a high fish friendliness. The pitch control enables energy extraction from water currents at lower speeds.

Cost effective

Since the foils have a standard and constant cross section, they can be fabricated very cost effective. Furthermore, the vertical axis gives the advantage to place vital components like the gearbox and generator above the water surface. This lowers the requirements and therefore the costs for these components. Since the gearbox and generator are easily accessible, maintenance will therefore be more cost effective.

Fish Friendly

In a team of international experts at the Protide project, the turbine of Water2Energy with pitch control is tested on fish friendliness. In the older Kaplan-turbines, fish mortality up to 20% is normal, but the turbine of Water2Energy showed a mortality lower than 1%

Scalable solution

Due to its geometry, the turbine is easely scalable. Therefore, the turnbine can be adapted to a wide range of existing constructions. Turbines of 1×1 meter, 1×2 meter, 2×2 meter, and 2.1×4 meter are fabricated and tested.

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